Millennial Visions

from by Ron Freeman & the Revelators

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This song had relatively no problems when we recorded all the parts, including a faintly-heard washboard, but that could not be said of the editing or mixing. Parts kept literally moving and we'd have to move them back every time we opened the file. And the outro has given Seth and I such hassle mixing-wise that we nearly were driven insane. Aside from the problems, though, we were able to create some neat textures throughout the song, and some of my favorite lines on the record are contained within its verses. And, again, that distant guitar part during the second "chorus" was something I more or less stumbled upon, if not at least heard in my head before figuring it out on guitar.

We had taken a break from rehearsing to get started on the recording process so I never got to know this song until we were recording it. It took me a bit to find what I wanted to do because I was trying to find a melody to play on the bass and Seth explained that this one was just going to be the basic root notes and that was it. I may still try to sneak in a few grace notes here and there, you'll just have to come see us to see if this one develops a little further when we play it live.

The second song I wrote for the EP, a love letter from Leon Czolgosz to Emma Goldman. If I hadn’t essentially forced Chris and Seth to stop working on this song this EP would have never been released.

I hate this song. Not the song itself, but the recording. Chris can attest to the fact that it seems to have been haunted by the ghost of Leon Czolgosz. Like he was the specter in the machine that tried to thwart us at every turn. I can’t even get into the difficulties we had pulling this mix together; the files mysteriously lost, the tracks that wouldn’t sync up right for some odd reason, the violas and violins that wouldn’t quite dial in correctly. We wrestled with it to the very end and this is what came of it. I’d be lying if I said I’m happy with it. However, even our mastering engineer, TW Walsh, says that the song sounds fine. So, I guess, who am I?


You thought I was a spy
But no government could hold me
When enemies lord over me
I’ll do what I must
Never ending circles
Gather around the sun
The same light shines
On the wicked and the just

Leave your chains to rust (x2)

Millennial visions haunted me
But I loved it when you said
The end of the world
Is no time for a pacifist
Warnings in newspapers
Gossip in those circles
I swear to you
I have the heart of an anarchist

Leave your chains to rust
Leave the water running
Leave your house to dust
Leave the fire burning
Leave your family behind

The exposition glows
But will be gone in a year
Societies decay
But the soul of man lives on
Churches and schools
Offices and factories
Will die a thousand deaths
Before I die once

Leave your chains to rust (x2)


from Assassins EP, track released November 16, 2010
Ron Freeman: lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Chris Vogt: drums, acoustic, electric and baritone guitar
Seth Ellsworth: violin, washboard, shaker, vocals
Bruce Kline: bass
Savannah Kocher: harmony vocal
Sharon Udoh: keyboards
Bill Pratt: pedal steel guitar



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Ron Freeman & the Revelators Columbus, Ohio

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